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Vestas Sail Rocket – Outright world speed sailing record

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I still love this video and so pleased that Paul and his team smashed this record.

ETNZ suffer wing damage – Video

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So finally Emirates Team New Zealand got it a bit wrong yesterday, when craning the AC72 wing into place.

The news suggest that this was wing number 1 and not the new wing number 2, but it was supposed to be number 2’s first  outing when this video was captured.

From the reports the damage is minimal taking just a day or two to repair, but more importantly there were no injuries at all, which I think is pretty impressive.

Insane Yacht Docking Video

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It will take you a while to find the boat, but when you do…….. Not sure if this a how to dock in heavy weather, or a warning video….you decide.

I have been on a few boats when the skipper is coming in a bit hot, but this is insane!

Proper heavy weather boat docking video, coming in hot!

Figaro Pitchpoled – Video

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A Figaro pitchpoled while sailing under spinnaker. An amazing videowhere fortunately nobody was hurt.

Xavier Macaire was the skipper of the boat and Yves Le Blevec was a guest onboard. Both of them are well knowned skippers. The boat nosedived in less than two seconds. the video is incredible

chips and peas

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Cool video of 49er training, lots of crash and burn stuff. watch in hd

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