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ETNZ Tactician talks Pre Start and Weather Info

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Ray Davies the tactician for Emirates Team New Zealand Americas Cup team explains the big difference in the pre start and weather information required in the new America’s Cup form of AC72 racing.

Show your support for Ben Ainslie this summer at London2012 #BenandRita

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So its a pretty big year for Ben Ainslie, a huge announcement about the Americas Cup, issues in Perth that we won’t talk about, a 10th World Championship title taken where he learnt to sail in Falmouth with a day to spare, the first person to carry the Olympic flame in the torch relay.

Here is a video of 3 very busy days in Ben Ainslie’s life.

So what is next, well after the Sail for Gold regatta in a weeks time there is the chance for Ben to go bring home another medal at the Olympics, this would add to the current collection of 1 silver and 3 golds

Across the summer in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games we are asking people to Tweet in with their message of support to Ben.

People can Tweet with the hash tag #BenandRita

All the messages are collated and can be viewed here – http://benainslie.slipstreamstudio.com/

Ben Ainslie America Cup Press Conference – LIVE VIDEO STREAM

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At 10 am UK Time at the Royal Festival Hall in central London Ben Ainslie will be announcing ‘his plans post-Olympic Games’.

If you read the sailing press at all, you will know there was a leak from the AC a few days ago, essential a new AC team “Ben Ainslie Racing”!

Well lets lock on and find out what’s happening at 10, I hope that its a new AC team that will go on to be a full AC72 team, but who knows??

Awesome Video – Birds in Flight

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Ok, so its been a while…. I have been busy with the new job and get that all sorted.

Saw this video a few days ago and its awesome, so thought I would share it out with you guys. If you are having a bad morning this will make everything seem right in the world, maybe on for a few minutes.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Mr Awesome at the Motocross track

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So what has Mr Awesome been up to the last few weeks? Well would you believe it, he has started MotoCross

Some great footage here of Footage of Chad Reed’s spectacular crash on the opening lap of the second 450 Class moto at the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship’s Spring Creek National in Millville, MN, on July 16.

Chad you are truly Mr Awesome – Yeah Bloody Nice

Reed had just assumed the lead, looking to take his fifth win of the season, before losing control of his bike and flying upwards of 50 feet through the air. Despite the frightening fall, Reed came away virtually unscathed, and after collecting his breath, returned to action. After crossing the line in 34th of 35 riders, Reed fought his way into 14th by the end of the moto. The footage is fromv of SPEED/Lucas Oil Productions

Extreme 40 Sailors Reveal Their Sailing Superstitions

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Now I know I do have a few superstitions, but most of it is just nonsense really, but what about the guys from the Extreme 40 sailing circuit?

I knew about some of these before, but Rabbit?? What is all that about?

here is a good forum for loads of Sailing Superstitions

Mr Awesome has some Competition

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Ok so I might of found the video that knocks Mr Awesome off the Awesome top spot!

You have seen parkour before, but I think this might be a little bit special!

Don’t for get these Awesome links –
Mr Awesome Wakeboarding like a Boss
Mr Awesome on a BMX
Mr Awesome Skiing
Mr Awesome White Water Rafting
And finally the Original Mr Awesome at Work

Extreme Sailing Series Alinghi crash into Team Extreme

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One of the biggest crashes so far on the Extreme Sailing Series circuit in 2011. Essentially Alinghi didn’t have much room in the tight sailing area at Istanbul.

The noise of the impact could be heard 500 metres away. In breezy conditions and gusts over 19 knots, it was a classic port/starboard incident, as Alinghi tried to go behind Team Extreme but didn’t make it and hit Roland Gaebler’s boat hard. With a large hole in the back of port hull, Team Extreme was kept afloat by a support RIB. They were towed to the technical area and craned out. Both Alinghi, with bow sprit damage, and Team Extreme are out of the game for the rest of the day.

One of the Alinghi crewmen, Yves Detrey, suffered a minor injury in the collision and was taken off the boat just after the crash with an injury to his left arm but confirmed as not serious.

SailRocket is over the Hump

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Paul Larsen and SailRocket 2 are over the speed hump that could of been more of a mountain.

Essentially what happens is that the 3 floats that SailRocket 2 has build up a wave that they need to push over, much like a motorboat getting up onto the plane. This hump was at 8 knots, and they totally smashed it – 20 knots!

The team have a few bottle of Champaign that they are keeping ready for certain milestones, so for this little run they have popped the cork on the 10 and 20 knot bottles!

Well done Paul, well done SailRocket and well done to all the support team and boat builders involved in the project – can’t wait to see more of this speed sailing machine, they have estimated that 60 knots if possible with this new sailing boat.

Mr Awesome Wake Boarding

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Is this some one with a chance of knocking Mr Awesome off the Awesome top spot!

You decide! Ride it like a boss, with jeans on smoking a ciggy! Get Involved

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