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Extreme 40 Sailors Reveal Their Sailing Superstitions

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Now I know I do have a few superstitions, but most of it is just nonsense really, but what about the guys from the Extreme 40 sailing circuit?

I knew about some of these before, but Rabbit?? What is all that about?

here is a good forum for loads of Sailing Superstitions

Extreme Sailing Series Alinghi crash into Team Extreme

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One of the biggest crashes so far on the Extreme Sailing Series circuit in 2011. Essentially Alinghi didn’t have much room in the tight sailing area at Istanbul.

The noise of the impact could be heard 500 metres away. In breezy conditions and gusts over 19 knots, it was a classic port/starboard incident, as Alinghi tried to go behind Team Extreme but didn’t make it and hit Roland Gaebler’s boat hard. With a large hole in the back of port hull, Team Extreme was kept afloat by a support RIB. They were towed to the technical area and craned out. Both Alinghi, with bow sprit damage, and Team Extreme are out of the game for the rest of the day.

One of the Alinghi crewmen, Yves Detrey, suffered a minor injury in the collision and was taken off the boat just after the crash with an injury to his left arm but confirmed as not serious.

Wave Muscat Capsize Extreme 40 sailing series

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Some awesome video footage here from the Extreme 40 sailing series at Qingdao Day 3, The Wave Muscat team had a slight issue, pitchpole, capsize with some dramatic results.

Amazing how the carbon mast breaks! Regardless still want a go on one. Was lucky enough a few years ago to be moored next to the fleet at Cowes Week, awesome looking boats and a great series with some awesome video footage come from the racing!

Quick update, found another video with even more carnage in it from today’s racing!, the shore crew might be a little bit busy!!

someone’s done a rally driving course…..

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extreme sailing series in Almeria, Spain, with Paul Cambell-James proving that if you can get a fag paper in there you can put and extreme 40 there too…

…or not, with discretion better part of valour!

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