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C*** Bowman Game for Cowes Week

Filed Under (Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 04-08-2011

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So a little game here that arose at the last regatta week that I did, which kept us amused on the not so windy days and kept the smile on our faces when snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – its called C*** Bowman *.

Its a simple game to play, all you need are a set of eyes and a bunch of yachties, maybe a camera too for extra points. The idea is to find people from the yachting community wearing sailing items that your “Rockstar” bowman would wear, you know the sort of things; White sunglasses, shorts with 3/4 length thermals, knee pads etc etc…

Points are gained for items spotted, but extra points can be gained for where and when the item(s) are spotted.

For example, if you spot someone wearing a climbing harness

  • on a boat – 1 point,
  • pontoon/marina – 3 points,
  • bar/pub – 25 points,
  • bar/pub after midnight – 100 points.

All points are doubled if you can get a picture!

So let your imagination run and see what you can spot out there at Cowes Week.

Items spotted at the last Regatta I did…

  • White Sunglasses – so so many people get this wrong!
  • A whole crew on a 65 footer in Bright White Oliskins – even the shore kit was white.
  • Someone with 5 different boat names on different bits of clothing he had on, each one a super yacht/race boat that by the looks of him he has never been on.
  • Full oliskins being worn in a supermarket.
  • Someone racing in white trousers/slacks, shirt, tie and blazer – yes I have a photo to prove it!

So get out there and see what you can find, I will start a points system out soon.

* – C*** Bowman – Where the C stands for something most people shouldn’t say – C U Next Tuesday…

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