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America’s Cup Press Conference from Race 5

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Jimmy Spithill getting a grilling at the latest America’s Cup press conference after Race 5.

Lots of questions about what Oracle will be doing in the future, is John Kostecki going to be onboard….

I think Jimmy did very well, but I think there will be a few changes come Thursdays races.

Fail Boat Friday – Sausage Waving

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So to start off with here is a very nice shot of Alegre, thanks for the from the Bowman onboard – Matt Cornwell, fresh out of the box Mini Maxi racing in the Giraglia Inshore Race. Some great work by British Sailing Team Mark Andrews on spotting the guys at the back of the boat, either waving a sausage at the camera man or getting rid of some excess fluid(peeing off the back of the boat).

Pissing or waving a sausage??

Waving a sausage off the back of a boat


Here is some great footage of the Oracle AC team two boat testing out in San Fran, I did read somewhere they had some headstay issue with the new boat, hope they get it all sorted.

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Torbjörn Takes The Helm of Artemis Racing AC45

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Artemis Racing’s owner, Torbjörn Törnqvist, this week visited San Francisco, where he spent time with the team—working out, participating in dive training, and sailing on the AC45 (even notching a new speed record). It was Torbjörn’s second visit in the last month.

The View from the Top – Oracle USA Crane Driver

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Nice to see some of the guys in the background finally getting some exposure. Great video here showing what Ron Esparza does for Oracle Team USA, he is the crane driver that gets to play with the wing

The first part of the video is footage of the boat flying around the bay in San Fran, looking really good

Andrew Bart Simpson – 1976-2013 #sailonbart

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A Tribute from the America’s Cup.

Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson – 2012 British Sailing Team – Star.

RYA Olympic Manger Stephen Park pays Tribute to Andrew.

The Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson Memorial Service FB page – lots of great photo here.

Mr Awesome showing his boat skills in Amsterdam

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Looks like Mr Awesome has been applying his skills to boat driving in Amsterdam.

Emirates Team New Zealand First Day in San Francisco

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Today Emirates Team New Zealand took its AC72 out sailing on San Francisco Bay for the very first time.

It was to be a light shake down but all systems were go and so was the AC72 foiling around the bay.

Get used to the sight, it will be a frequent one over the coming months.

#RTIR What to Wear for Round the Island Race – Henri Lloyd lets you know. #raceforall

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boats at the Needles for RTIR

Round the Island Race at the Needles

The Race organisers, title sponsor and partners of the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race have launched a series of Top Tips from the Experts videos comprising hints, tips and tricks for successfully taking part in the Race, regardless of whether it’s your first Race or you’re already a seasoned competitor.
This ‘what to wear video’ has been brought to you by Henri Lloyd, they run through on the key elements that should be considered when choosing what to wear during the Race.

Artemis Racing AC72 modifications

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During the AC World Series event in Naples, all America’s Cup teams were not allowed to sail the AC72’s. So Artemis Racing used this time as a chance to modify the boat.

Mark Carpenter, head of platform maintenance, explains the mods and how the shore crew tackle the work set out for them.

Oracle Team USA 2nd AC72 hits the water running

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The first footage of the new Oracle Team USA AC72 out on the water. Is this going to be the winning America’s Cup boat?

I have a feeling it is going to be, but this looks like a beast! Roll on the start of the America’s Cup

Awful music on this…..

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