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Fail Boat Friday – Sausage Waving

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So to start off with here is a very nice shot of Alegre, thanks for the from the Bowman onboard – Matt Cornwell, fresh out of the box Mini Maxi racing in the Giraglia Inshore Race. Some great work by British Sailing Team Mark Andrews on spotting the guys at the back of the boat, either waving a sausage at the camera man or getting rid of some excess fluid(peeing off the back of the boat).

Pissing or waving a sausage??

Waving a sausage off the back of a boat


Here is some great footage of the Oracle AC team two boat testing out in San Fran, I did read somewhere they had some headstay issue with the new boat, hope they get it all sorted.


BOOOOM!!! Poor little bugger, but they have to learn one way or another!


Did somebody order a Chinese?? Wild Ride Team showing us how not to Gybe


Not sure this is how you launch a new boat…


Nothing to do with sailing, but this is awesome. What is better than a parrot head banging to Death Metal!!??


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  1. Love the parrot video and I’d hate to be the owner of that chinese boat 🙁

    Bad times!

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