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SailRocket is over the Hump

Filed Under (Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 19-05-2011

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Paul Larsen and SailRocket 2 are over the speed hump that could of been more of a mountain.

Essentially what happens is that the 3 floats that SailRocket 2 has build up a wave that they need to push over, much like a motorboat getting up onto the plane. This hump was at 8 knots, and they totally smashed it – 20 knots!

The team have a few bottle of Champaign that they are keeping ready for certain milestones, so for this little run they have popped the cork on the 10 and 20 knot bottles!

Well done Paul, well done SailRocket and well done to all the support team and boat builders involved in the project – can’t wait to see more of this speed sailing machine, they have estimated that 60 knots if possible with this new sailing boat.

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