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German Random Dance Video

Filed Under (Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 12-04-2011

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Just some random video that made me laugh today, Lyrics below! Think my fav is Maybe I should eat a Döner Kebap!! Good work odd German fella!


I am in Germany
Is it a Dream?
There are many Things I would like to do here
There are many people I can visit
There are some great Foods for me to eat
Oh what can I do there is so Much
Maybe I should visit my Opa
Maybe I should eat a Döner Kebap
Maybe I should play with some Poodles
Maybe I should go to a Bakerei and eat some Bread
I know what I need to do
I need to Dance
Dance with my Opa
Dance with my Döner
Dance with some Poodles
Dance with some Bread
Opa Döner Poodles Bread
Ja Ja
Opa Döner Poodles and some Bread


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  1. thank for you song …

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