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Friday Madness Awesome Videos

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It seems at the moment that all the action sports out there are really pushing what is possible, tricks that you thought 5 – 10 years ago were impossible are now stock tricks for most pros, but is that due to the science that is being added into the sports?

Well the below videos are some of the areas of bike sports that are really pushing it at the moment.

BMX Special Flip, I had to watch this twice, maybe 3 times to actually see what happened, really something special – awesome

Some people will say that it doesn’t count as he puts a foot down on landing, but hey, would love to see you have a go at that.

Second Video for today is a bit special too, something that I would never thought was possible, let alone get someone out there trying it, but as you see from the video, these guys are using foam pits before hitting the proper ramps.

Just found this video below, the training stuff that the guys were doing for the Special Flip, plus loads more nutters doing silly things on scooters, ski’s, bodyboards and mountain boards, there is also someone in a wheel chair! Awesome!!

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