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Hugo Boss Barcelona World Race

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Some footage of Alex Thomson’s Imoca 60 sailing of Lands End

At the moment, this gorgeous boat is just over half way through a Round the World Yacht Race – Barcelona World Race, but the Skipper, Alex Thomson is not actually on board during this race, even though he and Co-Skipper Andy Meiklejohn have been training for best part of a year for this double handed sprint around the globe.

A few days before the start of the race, Alex was diagnosed with appendicitis and was immediately treated in Barcelona, which meant that he would miss the start of the race. This did have a bit of a silver-lining for Thomson, as this enabled him to see the birth of his first born. The empty space was filled by Wouter Verbraak with the idea being that Alex would return to the boat at a later stage, probably the Cape Verdes, this was all agreed by the Race organisers and the fellow skippers. Due to a few medical issues with Thomson’s new son, he has not been able to re-join Hugo Boss, but has been out to New Zealand to see the boat pass through the Cook Straight, between the North and South Island.

Some more Videos from the Barcelona World Race

The Hugo Boss Presentation Video

Fixing the Main Sail

Some onboard footage from the Barcelona World Race

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