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Demon Broadband gets it right

Filed Under (Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 23-02-2010

So I moved house nearly a month ago and been waiting for BT to sort out my phone line. That was finally done last week, so the next thing on the list was to get the broadband connection arranged.

I opted for a product from Demon Broadband. I really wanted one of the 2+ connections they sell, but due to my local exchange not being connected (What? I live in the sticks), I had to opt for the Demon Home8000 package.

Went through the booking process on Thursday morning, added a wireless router as well to the order. The router turned up on Friday, which was pretty impressive, it was all pre-configured which is really helpful too!

In the email I got after the booking process, its said that the exchange wouldn’t be connected till the following Friday, but due to some boredom on Sunday afternoon I thought I would get the router plugged in, so that as soon as the connection was made at the exchange I would be ready to rock.

So with the router installed and powered up, I thought I would put the password into my iPhone so that there was another job ticked off the list. About 20 minutes later after watching some winter olympics, I thought I would check my email on my iPhone – expecting the normal delay of about 3 minutes due to having no 3G where I live (as I said before, its in the sticks, but its lovely). To my surprise my iPhone buzzed at me within a few seconds to let me know I had new mail.

To my surprise I had connected through my broadband, totally shocked I grabbed my laptop to see if I could connect that, a minute or so later it was all connected.

So my new Demon Broadband connection was working within 4 days (or 2 working days) and a full 5 working days before it was supposed to be connected.

Thinking about it, there is no way an Engineer would be at the exchange on a Saturday, let alone a Sunday. So it probably was connect on the Friday – Hats off to you BT for that one!

So Demon – Yeah Bloody Nice for sorting my broadband connection out so quickly – Download speed is 5.5mb with an upload speed about 1mb, which is not bad at all – especially where I live.

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