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waterproof iphone

Filed Under (Proper Job, Yeah Bloody Nice) by oli on 27-07-2009

we’ll you’ve gone and gotten an iphone and put the sailmaster app on it, problem is you cant use it on a boat because your iphone will die from exposure. With this box that wont happen, still fully controllable and with the belt clip modified to be mounted on the coachroof, you’ll have a complete nav system – yeahbloodynice.com

Buy it here:otterbox

otterbox for iphone


4 Responses to “waterproof iphone”

  1. I must say that its rather bulky item.

    I use a Aquapac, have doen for the last few years and works great. The new version even has a clear back to it so you can still take photos!!

    Only issue is that the iPhone does tend to get stuck in the case!

  2. Better get yourself an iPhone then Oli!

  3. it is bulky yes, but i was planning on mounting it on a semi permanent basis on proper job. im getting one on wed afternoon.

  4. Yeah Bloody Nice!

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