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A Cheeky Win by Proper Job

Filed Under (Proper Job, Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 09-07-2009

Another win on a Wednesday Night for the Proper Job Crew! This week Oli, Jarv, Toby and Me. 20 mins on corrected though!!! Rather light winds, but we had a wicked start (well done Oli) and were miles ahead at the first mark. Oli thinks at least 5 mins on the rest of the boats! NOt saying anymore about the race just yet! More to follow…….

20 mins on Corrected!!!

20 mins on Corrected!!!


2 Responses to “A Cheeky Win by Proper Job”

  1. yeahbloodynice-win

  2. Sad news that we got bumped out of the race for sailing the wrong course – oh well, we know that we won it really.

    The saying goes – “to finish first, first you must finish……”

    so I think this saying is far more relevant to this race – “snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory”

    Roll on Burnham Week!

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