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Ninjod – Ostar

Filed Under (Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 28-05-2009

Just to let you know that one of my very good friend, Paul Brant and his lovely boat Ninjod have had to turn around and head for Falmouth.

Paul was a few days into the OSTAR (which is a single handed Atlantic race for Nutters! – joke!!!) but has had a few issues – torn oliskins, ballast issues, spilt diesel etc…. the main worry was that due to no oilskin trousers he was getting rather wet and cold, but didn’t want to be down below as the smell of diesel was making him ill, which means he only ate half a bag of peanuts in 3 days – not good at all.

Currently Paul is on his way to Falmouth but has not decided yet if he will make port, sort repairs and oilskins and head off again. Will update when I get more news, or listen to .wav files on his micro blog.

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