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A bloody good Dabbies

Filed Under (Proper Job, Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 26-05-2009

I think an excellent weekend was had by all at Dabchicks over the bank holiday weekend. I am sure there were a few drink related casualties from the infamous Saturday night party. I know I was one of them and spent the majority of Sunday being sick over the side of Amazon.

There are some great photos and video of Mr Jarrrrrvis doing his usual Kangaroo Court and some spectacular photography of the results of Kangaroo Court which I will sort later.

The guys from Contraband were amazing as usual and were the perfect accompaniment to a spot of ceiling dancing, or ceiling moon-walking in my case! A big disappointment came from the synchronized dance moves provided by the SeaScouts, I think you need to get a new choreographer!

As soon I can sort out the huge Kangaroo Court Video I will, but might take me a few days, in the mean time some nice images from the weekend!

Almost forgot about the racing – weather was nice, could have done with some more breeze. Amazon got 2 1st’s and 2 3rds. Will update when I get some results for Proper Job!

Fuckin' Hello, Chopper Ried here!

Fuckin' Hello, Chopper Reid here!

MGC plus some and a Pickled Egg!

MGC plus some and a Pickled Egg!

Yeah Bloody Nice

Sasquatch! - Yeah Bloody Nice!!

How many fingers in a Twix?

How many fingers in a Twix?


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  1. proper job results are: 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, that is 1st in the bar on friday, 1st at the start, 1st over the line and 1st to vom. well done team pj!

  2. Yeah Bloody Nice!!! More pics on BookFace

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