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Dabchicks SailEAST

Filed Under (Proper Job, Yeah Bloody Nice) by Chriswah on 18-05-2009

Is everyone getting ready to give the liver some shit this coming weekend at Dabchicks??

Just seen the 7 day forecast – Saturday, 10 knots from the South, Sunday12-17 knots SSW.

But that is not going to matter in the slightest, especially after all the MGC that is going to get consumed, probably be some cracking dancing on the ceiling as always at Dabbies.


footnote – MGC = Mount Gay Rum and Coke


7 Responses to “Dabchicks SailEAST”

  1. Thats a future prediction video of what Olli will be doing on Sunday morning on the pontoon… Wah are you coming or you still going to the cozy corner?

  2. Chriswah and Wils will be there and racing on Amazon. Wanted to go to the Cozy Corner, but they are leaving at 8am on Friday and I need to be in London for a meeting! So off to Dabbies for the weekend!!! Yeah Bloody Nice

  3. smackdown weekend here we come! and thats an amazing crystal ball you have there wah, i cant wait!

  4. Weather UPDATE Tues 19th – Sat Easterly 10-14 knots – Sun, SE going SW 8 knots, temp should top out about 15 or 17! Yeah bloody nice!

  5. Weather UPDATE Wed 20th – Sat Easterly 12-14 knots – Sun, S 10-14 knots, temp should top out about 15 or 17! Yeah bloody nice!

  6. Weather UPDATE Thurs 21st – Sat S going ESE 5-7Knots – Sun, NNE going ENE 8-10 knots, with the daily highs around 18! Yeah bloody nice!

  7. UPDATE! But not the weather this time…..don’t forget to pack some celling dancing shoes and your sunnies!

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